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ODKB, KSOR, Echelong-2020 och SOBR

Det kan vara intressant att fundera på roliga förkortningar som bla ODBK och KSOR i dessa spännande tider.

ODKB (Organisatsija Dogovora Kollektivnoj Bezapasnosti) eller på anglosaxiska CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organisation).

KSOR( Kollektivnie Sily Operativnovo Reagirovanija)/Collective Rapid Eaction Force.

Noterar att ODKB har en artikel 4 samt artikel 3:

Key Article 4 of the Treaty states: “If one of the States Parties is subjected to aggression by any state or group of states, then this will be considered as aggression against all States Parties to this Treaty. In the event of an act of aggression against any of the participating States, all other participating States will provide him with the necessary assistance, including military, and will also provide support at their disposal in exercising the right to collective defense in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter. ”

In accordance with Article 3 of the Charter, the objectives of the Organization are the strengthening of peace, international and regional security and stability, the protection on a collective basis of the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Member States. The document defines the following principles by which the Organization is guided in its activities: priority of political means over the military, strict respect for independence, voluntary participation, equality of rights and obligations of member states, non-interference in affairs falling under the national jurisdiction of member states.

Countering modern security challenges and threats.
In matters of countering the contemporary challenges and threats to the collective security of the CSTO, priority is given to the fight against international terrorism and extremism, drug trafficking, illegal migration and human trafficking, criminal and destructive activities in the information space.

Nedan filmklipp avseende ODKB-samövnigen Echelong-2020 vars fokus bla var materielunderhåll i fält mha civila tekniker.


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